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Rules of the row

Control Commission

Control Commisssion is the pre-launch check station at USRowing regattas. The officials are looking for these items; make sure you’re ready.

1. Heels ties on all shoes in the boat that allow no more than three inches of play from the bottom of the hull. Securing the heels of the shoes in this manner are for the safety of the rowers, should a boat capsize. By having the heels tied-down, rowers that are upside-down after a capsize will more easily be able to get out of the shoes.

2. Quick release pulls on all laces. These are for the same reason as the heel ties: safety of the rowers during a capsize.

3. A firmly-attached bow ball. The bow ball isn’t just for a photo-finish during a close race. The bow ball insures that your bow doesn’t pierce another hull or a human during a collision. Check your bow ball before every race. If it’s loose, secure it with electrical tape or replace it with a new one.

4. The correct bow number. Make sure your boat has the right bow number before checking in with Control Commission. It’s a good habit to ask the official at Control Commisssion for a double-check. Saying something like, “I’m Event 7A, Lane 3, right?” is a good way to connect with Control Commission and show them you’re on top of your game.